Nurse Executive Review Courses


The NURSE EXECUTIVE REVIEW COURSE via ZOOM is designed to prepare nurse leaders to take the NE-BC/NEA-BC and the Certified Nurse Manager and Leader certification tests. The lessons are in an online set-up, and they have a consistent and excellent passing rate for their students every year.

What You’ll Get:

Live meetings via Zoom

Online discussions

Think tank groups

Key Review Course Features:

Every review session with Eminent CPR can take up to an 8-hour long live Zoom meeting. It is an online class setup where the students can actively participate and discuss with the instructor. 



Course Fees

$385 Price includes the study guide

The NURSE EXECUTIVE and NURSE EXECUTIVE ADVANCED CERTIFICATION review course prepares you to take the NEA-BC/NE-BC exams.

Certification is one of the best ways to demonstrate competence. 

$100 full on-demand course 

The Nurse Executive and Nurse Executive Advance certification review course is ON-DEMAND. The discussions are PRE-RECORDED.   


Use of these or any other course(s)/material(s) does not imply eligibility for certification or successful performance on any certification exam, nor is it a requirement to qualify for individual certification.


The Certified Nurse Manager and Leader (CNML®) credential is designed exclusively for nurse leaders in the nurse manager role. With the CNML certification, you will become recognized as a leader in your healthcare community. EMINENT CERTIFICATION REVIEW COURSE will prepare you to take the 115-question exam. The exam tests your knowledge of the four core principles of financial management, human resource management performance improvement, strategic management, and technology.

Being an NE-BC/NEA-BC is one of the ultimate career goals in the industry of nursing. 

Aside from theoretical reviewers, takers should also have a fundamental knowledge of management.

When searching for the right review course and study guide, you must first assess your current work schedule. Time management is the key to passing the NE-BC/NEA-BC. As an aspiring NE, you should learn how to deal with learning while still focusing on your job as an RN. 

Create a study plan that works best for you and make it your goal to pass.



It is not easy, but passing the exam will be worth it. It will jumpstart your career, and it will definitely be an accomplishment on your part.

You must be motivated to pass the exam and not just take it for better career opportunities. Studying for the NE-BC requires commitment. 

One of the most sought-after examinations in the country every year is the NE-BC. It is the board certification exam conducted by the American Nurses Credentialing Center for qualified takers.  This is the number one exam that could give registered nurses the best credibility and accreditation reference. This is the key to easy promotions, moving onto new leadership roles, and accelerating one’s career path in the medical field.


Online study sessions

Live discussions with PDEs

Unlimited access to different webinars


RNs with hectic schedules may not be able to attend live webinars/Zoom meetings

No money-back guarantee

**Pocket Pearls-only includes Human Resource Management**

You are one of the few determined LEADERS who are committed to doing whatever it takes to excel on your exam. The PEARLS was developed with one goal in mind: to deliver the best possible approximation of the course content you will see on test day.

*Includes the study guide and over 150 practice questions**

The Nurse Executive and Advanced review course study guide prepares you to take the NEA-BC/NE-BC exams. 

Certification is one of the best ways to demonstrate competence. 

**Based on the 2020 outline**

This study guide by Eminent has also garnered a lot of 5-star reviews online. This is highly recommended for
first-time NE-BC takers.