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Are you a nurse pursuing an entrepreneur or business opportunity?

Nursing is unique. It can prepare you to become a nurse entrepreneur and open doors to business. Nurses develop strong critical thinking, communication, time management, organizational, and conflict resolution skills. Each is crucial in business management.


As the President and CEO of a Healthcare Education Corporation, I am offering my experience and expertise. I am here to help you build your business!!

I have 18 years of experience as a successful Nurse Entrepreneur.

As a renowned nurse entrepreneur, consulting services come with invaluable benefits. When starting a new business, most entrepreneurs need to gain expertise across all business areas. Necessary tasks to start a business can be accomplished more efficiently with help. 

New businesses have complex jobs ahead of them. After the legal business structure, owners must manage various areas to succeed. Business consulting services by Eminent will help with these areas.

Eminent will provide much support to entrepreneurs. Having expert advice available can significantly improve the chances of success. It can be a time saver and reduce budget requirements by avoiding costly mistakes alone.



The course is only 3 hours!!

Discussion points

Now is the perfect time to explore your options as a nurse. 

1) Personal branding,

2) Industry positioning (What does your profession want and NEED?)


3) Your service (flip that EDUCATION)!!!

One time, 3 hours

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Eminent Healthcare Resources Consultants is a professional consulting services corporation. We work with individuals, entrepreneurs, and executives to develop leadership skills and behaviors that enable them to lead with the highest influence and achieve maximum performance. Business consulting by Eminent is to help plan, execute, and manage projects and growth more efficiently.

Gain applicable skills, build new business capabilities, and tap into the confidence you need to improve your organization and advance your career. 

Creating a new business Providing expertise in specific NURSING markets Identifying problems for NURSING markets Supplementing existing NURSING staff needs with virtual courses Initiating change with NURSING management Providing objectivity for NURSING processes This course is designed to be jam-packed with ideas to turn your experience, education, and degrees into a business.

Credential of Eminent Leadership Institute Training for Executives (ELITE)

ELITE enables new and experienced nursing leaders to ignite their careers with a combination of vital business skills, self-reflection, and an immersive cohort-based learning experience with a diverse global network  

Six months, 4 hours per week 

Apply by May 1, 2024

$6000 (4 installments of $1500)



Identify a business opportunity
Evaluate an idea and assess the market
Explore the risks and rewards of entrepreneurship
Leverage experiments to validate concepts and refine your business strateg
Discover the key financial decisions entrepreneurs must make in the early stages of a startup
Understand the process of raising capital and how to speak to investors

What you will learn:


4 hours 


6 hours 


6 hours 


6 hours 

Enrollment by January 15, 2024

4 weeks, 4-6 hours per week