Emergency Nursing Pediatric Course

Emergency nursing is a specialized area of practice and is by its nature both independent and collaborative. Professional behaviors inherent in emergency nursing practice are the acquisition and application of a specialized body of knowledge and skills. These behaviors provide a broad scope of practice for the delivery of urgent and complex care within a limited time frame to health care consumers of varying ages and cultural backgrounds. Emergency nurses integrate both critical thinking skills and knowledge of evidence based practice into their delivery of care and decision-making.


Course Fee
Emergency Nursing Pediatric Course $365

Eminent CPR offers 3 Ways to Get ENPC Certification with virtual classes!!

1. 45 Minute Challenge – Experienced RN’s with ENPC in past.

2. 1-Day ENPC Fast Track – Experienced RN’s with ENPC in the past.

3. 2-Day ENPC Training – For ALL NURSES regardless of specialty.